$350M-$500M Price Tag For Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business isn't going to sell for a particularly tiny sum if Yahoo has its way. A fresh report indicates that Yahoo, which has been trying to unload the unit for some time now, would like to receive around $500 million by way of payment.

Yahoo Small Business is, as you probably guessed, a property that caters to small businesses. It deals in things like Web hosting, ecommerce solutions, domain names, and business email. And even if you haven't heard of Yahoo Small Business before, it's not bad, having won an editors' choice award from PC Magazine last year.

The question is whether Yahoo can get a full $500 million - or even 70 percent of that amount - for the unit.

An unnamed source told Reuters that, although Yahoo might accept $350 million, "Yahoo's price expectations are higher than what buyers were willing to pay. People would like to own this asset, but not at the asking price."

We'll see what happens. Considering that Yahoo's trying to sell so much stuff - HotJobs, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Small Business, and Zimbra at last count, with the sale of its Alibaba.com stake under its belt - it's not hard to imagine that the company will compromise just for the sake of closing more deals.

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