Cash Advance for Small Business

A Small Business Cash Advance can Ease Cash Flow
Small businesses frequently have the problem of being termed ineligible for financing by major lenders such as banks. With eligibility criteria commonly being set at ridiculously high standards, you need an alternative for obtaining working capital when there is a dip in business or when your expenses undergo an upwards spike. We can offer you a small business cash advance which will help your business to keep running smoothly in the interim until your next credit receivables come through. Your history of credit sales is used to calculate your financial viability, and not arbitrary information.

A Business Cash Advance Allows Financial Flexibility
Obtaining a business cash advance is a simple process. When your past credit sales are used to determine whether you have enough incoming business to be granted an advance, your business will not have to display a specific net worth or stake assets against the borrowed amount. Cash is advanced to you in return for future credit sales which are paid to us. If your business is still fairly new or is part of an industry in which earnings are not consistent (as with most service industry businesses), you can still obtain vital capital.

A Cash Advance for Small Business Owners Keeps Business Afloat
A business cash advance for small business owners can be used in various ways to ensure that expenses are met. Many conventional loans stipulate what the loan given may be used for, but a cash advance can be used for everything from payroll to inventory expenses. If your restaurant is having a slow month, for example, you will still need to pay your staff and a cash advance can dip into the coming busy months’ takings without creating a difficult situation.

A Merchant Cash Advance can be obtained quickly
When you opt to obtain a merchant cash advance, we can provide your business with an advance in as little as 7 business days. No more waiting endlessly for banks to approve (or, often, reject) your loan application. If adjacent property is on the market and is offering a limited expansion opportunity, a cash advance can help you to find the money to purchase extra space while it is available. The average of your credit payments received in past months is used to determine the amount which you are eligible for being advanced – from $50,000 to $200,000. 

Let us Guide you through Obtaining a Small Business Cash Advance
Financing can be confusing for business owners, but when you use our services, one of our business client managers will provide helpful assistance in helping you to secure the advance which is necessary in order for your business to see a rough patch through to a more profitable state. The per-approval process prior to your cash advance being finalized usually takes only 24 hours, after which a further 7 to 10 business days are needed for your money to be transferred to you.

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