How should my business market itself with Facebook?

How should my business market itself with Facebook?

Facebook is growing by 700,000 new members every day and is the third-most-trafficked site on the Web. Your business should be making the most of this marketing opportunity.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re there to build relationships with customers and prospects. Connecting in an authentic manner means approaching the world of social networking as a person and not necessarily as a brand.

You should actually start with your personal profile — if you’re not already on Facebook, sign up (it’s free), add a photo and a little information about yourself, find some friends on the site and begin to interact. Then, and only then, should you set up a business page with your logo.

After all, you wouldn’t start a sales call with a trial close — you’d get to know your prospects first and give them a chance to know you.

There are some distinct differences between personal profiles and pages. With personal profiles, people must request to become your friend in order to see your information, and you confirm these friendships manually. With pages, however, anyone can become a fan of your business page. Even better, all of their friends will see that they’re a fan and can join them; now you’re leveraging the viral power of the Internet to make new connections.

Content of your page and posts should be of service to the reader. Consider including reviews, tips, helpful hints, related articles you’ve found, relevant discussions, events and photos.

Next steps: Facebook ads may be purchased. These work similarly to Google AdWords.

Response provided by John Addessi, a consultant with the Kansas Small Business Development Center at Johnson County Community College.

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